We have a Business Crush on Apple

It’s evident with all of our iPhones that Jandaco has a “Business Crush” on Apple, but who doesn’t. It’s not just their awesome computers, rock solid OS, and the coolest phone ever that drives us crazy about them, their advertising creativity just solidifies all of our love.

Here is an online ad they ran at NYTimes.com that is ingenious. Click here to play the video.

You have to read fast, but incase you missed what the article said:

I think I speak for all PCs everywhere when I say, “What’s the deal, people?” Have things really gotten so bad between us? You used to love my charming little flaws, right? What’s changed? It’s Vista, isn’t it? You’ve gotten sick of all the problems and hassles of upgrading. You’re tired of the endless security prompts. You were hoping Vista’s bugs and glitches would be resolved by now. I understand. I’m a big computer, I’ll admit it — Vista hasn’t really lived up to expectations. But we’re only a few years into it. These things take lots of time and patience. Or did you finally hear enough Mac superlatives? the simple and intuitive operating system, the hardware and software that’s designed to work together, the… you know what, I think we said enough about Mac’s superlatives. Nobody cares. Look, I believe that we can overcome these problems facing us. You need to get back to overlooking my shortcomings. After all, I’ve overlooked yours for years. I mean, do you really need to hit the space bar that hard? Yet I always keep my mouth shut. That’s what you do in relationships, you ignore all the bad stuff, and live with the pain. So please, stop with the switching already. We’ll get through all these issues. Together.